C History of the course

C.1 The current course

Why do yet another qualitative methods course? Many—and maybe even most—universities offer qualitative research methods course. There are also a plethora of textbooks on the subject. Then, there are a wide array of on-line resources; videos, web pages, and so on.

So, there has to be a question about why re-invent the wheel.

Part of the answer is about fitting the needs of our students as they head into their dissertations and theses. Part of the answer is, that I have tried to avoid reinventing anything. To that end, this course is the result of the input of many people including Brigid Carroll, Michael Myers, Cathy Urquhart, Margarita Mooney, and Ann Langley; drawing on existing expertise and resources.

And so. I have tried to take their advice and ideas and synthesis something that is a good fit for students in Management & International Business, here at the University of Auckland.

C.2 The history of the course

Research has been taught in this department, at a postgraduate level, for at least 20 years that I know of. In 1997, there were two courses, Research Methods I and II, that sought to “ensure that all … master’s students have the basic research skills and concepts to enable them to do a master’s thesis”.

By 2000, the courses had morphed into on the Foundations of Research, addressing the “theory and philosophy of social science research methods” and Research Practice, focusing on “applying research methods in organisational contexts”.

With the change from being MGMT courses to BUSINESS courses, the focus of became something that would be familiar to current students, a courses on Research design, Qualitative research, and Quantitative research.

In 2017 the Advanced qualitative research and Advanced qualitative research courses were introduced to address the different needs that PhD candidates have, in comparison to the needs of masters students doing a dissertation or a 120-point thesis.